Stucco Repair

Stucco can deteriorate for a variety of reasons, including inadequate design details, poor installation, or the use of improper materials. Since stucco is a cement mixture and is very hard, it can crack or even get a hole if hit with a heavy blow like a tree branch. Stucco repair will require a professional and correct application techniques since the labor is intensive.

Repairs are made to cracks and minor imperfections in the surface and then the new coat is applied. This will provide a new look and keep with the integrity of the existing finish. If a new texture is required, a thicker coat is required, and can add additional expense.

Re-stucco is the best way to update or change the color of the exterior walls. If the current stucco on your home is in bad shape it must be sandblasted. Sandblasting roughens up the surface and removes the existing top layer. The result of re-stuccoing your home is a strong surface that will remain true to its new color and last a long time.